Toraja Trekking

toraja ecotourism
Toraja ecotourism tips on Trekking and village Home stays in Tana Toraja

1. Please ask before taking pictures of people.
2. Please do not give children money or sweets (this encourages begging),
3. Revealing clothes are inappropriate.
4. Use of the left hand for giving/ receiving or eating is considered impolite.
5. Please no public signs of affection.
6. When attending funerals wear something black and bring a donation (sugar and cigarettes).

Kandora Mountain Lodge
c/o Walda Foundation
PO Box 68 South Sulawesi 91831 Indonesia
Phone +62 (812) 4261130
Fax. +62 (423) 27 344

Located in Mengkendek at Km. 6 South of Makale

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