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Hotel Pison

Rantepao, Tana Toraja


Hotel Pison started as a Homestay, but expanded rapidly. Now it is a One Star Hotel with thirty-two rooms in three different classes: First Class, Standard and Economic Class.

Hotel Pison's spacious lobby

Our hotel is quiet and conveniently located just outside of town. Here, you can enjoy the natural scenery, the rice fields, the traditional houses amongst bamboo growing in large clusters. In the evening, watch the spectacular Torajan sunsets between the hills in the west.
Nearly all public facilities, such as the post office, shops, banks, bus terminal, church, tourist information centres etc. are very close by. On foot, you get there within 10 minutes

 Facilities The bathrooms provide a bath tub, hot and cold water.
Other facilities: shower.telephone, guides, taxi etc.
 Services Laundry, breakfast, luch and dinner.  
 Room rates First Class RP 60,000
  Standard Class RP 40,000
  Economic Class RP 20,000

Hotel Pison: Jalan Pongtiku 8, Rantepao 91831, Tana Toraja
Phone: ++62 (423) 21 221
For more information: info@toraja.net